After a busy day, we meet in front of the fireplace to share unique moments by the fire or on the terrace depending on the season, or even in the kitchen depending on the weather and mood; everyone discusses their discoveries of the day, recommends a visit or a hike for the next day.

Then, you can take advantage of our table d'hôtes to dine at La Roussière in a family atmosphere and taste traditional regional cuisine, sometimes revisited, even more exotic…

To book your dinners, see the options when booking.

We favor local products, those from our garden grown in permaculture, or from organic farming to offer you dishes that express the marriage of flavors.

On the Auvergne side: Cantal soup, pounti, fritons, Auvergne charcuterie, sandwiches au gratin with Salers and cumin, pan-fried porcini mushrooms, coufidou, aligot, truffade, Auvergne potato, bacon trout, salted lentils, leg of lamb brayaude, coq au vin, Cornets de Murat, flaugnarde…

A little more exotic: duck gizzards with chutney, spicy avocado timbale, chicken with candied lemon, veal sauté in curry, duck breasts with orange, zucchini puree with saffron, dried fruit compote ...

Home cooking: pumpkin soup, eggplant with tomato coulis, goat cheese puff pastry, split pea soup, tabs with wine merchant sauce, chicken in the pot, scallop and smoked trout, candied pork cheeks, veal stew, leg of bread, tarte Tatin, crème brûlée, orgeat ice cream, baked apples, wine pears, chocolate cake…

And of course the Auvergne cheeses, the five PDOs (Protected Designation of Origin) produced in neighboring farms: Cantal, Salers, Saint-Nectaire, Bleu d'Auvergne, Fourme d'Ambert. And some lesser known cheeses like Thérondels, Rodez, local sheep ...

Warm dinners, accompanied by regional wines that we will be delighted to introduce you to.

Truite saumonée à l'ail des ours
Volcan meringué
Petit salé
Chou farci
Cornets de Murat
Potée auvergnate