The Auvergne Volcanoes Park is an immense territory made up of valleys, plateaus and pointed ridges, a rural world with a strong personality, remarkable fauna and flora, magnificent landscapes as far as the eye can see…

The Cantal Mountains

Vestige of an exuberant volcanism on which men have written their traces since time immemorial, the Cantal massif is today a paradise for hikers.

On the largest volcano in Europe, each spring and until autumn, deer, wild boar, deer and bighorn sheep have to share their space with thousands of salt and aubrac cows that invade mountain pastures.

Easier to flush out, the flora is incredibly rich, especially in May and June, and the slopes of Plomb du Cantal , Puy Mary , Puy Griou , Puy Chavaroche or Puy Violent are therefore conducive to the most colorful discoveries.

In this exceptional setting you will also taste the precious and rare treasures of our time: space and silence .

In the hollow of the valleys or on an escarpment, at the bend of a lace, the sight of a medieval village, a Romanesque church, a castle, an isolated farmhouse or a Calvary will satisfy the curious visitor. And these old stones, if he can listen to them,will speak to him about this rural culture rooted in the mists of time.

Located on the southern slope of the Cantal massif, La Roussière benefits from significant sunshine .

Le Peyre Arse vu du Puy Mary
Massif cantalien
Le Puy Griou en Hiver
Devant la cascade du Capat